Raising Money For Ellis Dam Tragedy

by Kim Tewalt on June 10, 2011 at 8:06 am

The Ellis Dam tragedy on the Muskingum River has driven one young girl and her family to step up and raise money for funeral expenses.

Three-year-old Ayden Cecil and two-year-old Anthony Tullius were camping with their family last Saturday, when they trailed off from their campsite. Ayden’s body was found in the Muskingum River a mile upstream, but search crews have yet to locate Anthony.

When nine-year-old Hana Lane and her family heard of the tragedy, they decided to set up a roadside stand on Sharon Avenue, in Zanesville, in an effort to raise money to donate to the family who lost their two young boys.

The Lane family is offering freshly grilled hotdogs, soda, juice, and chips at the roadside stand. Hana’s father, Mark Lane, says he can’t imagine losing one of his children.

"We run a day care service, and we have little kids running in and out." he said. "So it hit home pretty hard."

Lane sad he was deeply saddened by the story when he found out, so much so, that he couldn’t bear to be near the river.

"I was stunned." said Lane. "I mean, it doesn’t happen often, especially around here, but any child that drowns or such, yeah it really dropped us. It really made us stop in silence"

Lane says so far they have raised around sixty or seventy dollars, and he plans to mail a check to the family.

Funeral services for Ayden Cecil are scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th at 10 a.m.. There will be a memorial service for Anthony Tullius following the funeral if he has not yet been located.