Red Cross in Crisis

by Danielle Cotterman on June 21, 2011 at 4:46 am

The Red-Cross has declared a critical need situation and are asking for your help.

Due to summer activity and accidents, the need for blood is on the rise, but Donor Recruitment Representative of the Red Cross, Rick Dayton, said, donations are critically low.

"Anytime somebody could come into a hospital, one of our hospitals that we service in the area, that could take dozens of units of blood and we want to have the blood supply there," said Dayton. "The only way we can get blood is from other people, we can’t manufacture it. Please donate."

Dayton said, the region is currently 10% below their average in donations, meaning they are about 800 units short of blood. Despite some rumors, he said, diabetics and those with high blood pressure can still donate.

"I would advise , if you’ve never donated try and find a friend or someone you know who has donated, can go with you," said Dayton. "Or if not go together, as a group. Only about 4% of the population donate blood."

All types of blood are needed. The process only takes about an hour. On Friday, there will be three locations available to donate in Zanesville.

Colony Square Mall 1:00- 7:00
Secrest Auditorium 10:00- 4:00
New Concord Church of Christ 12:00- 6:00

Call 1-800-Red Cross to make an appointment.