Repairs Coming to Dillon Falls Bridge

by Mark Bullion on June 23, 2011 at 6:47 am

Muskingum County plans to do repairs on the Dillon Falls bridge.

Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis says the decking on the bridge needs to be replaced because some of the asphalt on the bridge is cracking. It isn’t posing any danger to motorists now, but if the problem isn’t fixed, Davis says, the bridge could fall a part.

"Due to the nature of the black top, trying to adhere blacktop to metal, it doesn’t want to stay because of the bounce," said Davis.

Davis says the new decking will be concrete which will help with the overall longevity of the bridge.

"There will be what they call sheer studs up in to the concrete that anchor those to the beams of the deck so the beams and the deck will be composite so it will be acting as one," said Davis.

The project will take 45 days at an estimated cost of more than 350,000 dollars. Thursday, bids were opened for the project. Shelly & Sands came in at the lowest bid at just over 352,700 dollars followed by Righter company at around 353,000 dollars. The commissioners will take the bids under advisement and will make a decision in the near future.