Nichole Hannahs

Roll of TID Board Evolving

by Nichole Hannahs on June 8, 2011 at 12:40 pm

The Transportation Improvement District is facing some tough economic times.

At Wednesday’s meeting the district approved their budget for 2012. Usually that budget includes $250,000 of what’s known as 629 Grant money. Do to new rules on how road projects will be funded by the state that column in the financial report will be left blank. That leaves the TID trying to figure out how to fund work in our area.

"Now what they’re saying is we can get up to $250,000 but that would be only 10 percent of a projects cost, so we would have to come up with the other 90 percent," explained the TID Board’s Mike Jacoby.

The other rule is that the money can’t be used to repair existing roads. Jacoby said it will be tough for our area because the project would have to be fairly large to get to $250,000 in funds.

"It’s just kind of a difficult transition for different organizations. We’re one of them," said Jacoby. "We’ll get through it and have some clarity. It may be harder to get anything done in the future, but we’re not the only ones in that boat."

Jacoby hopes in the next six months they’ll be able to assess what role the TID will play. The board is also trying to figure out if they can take money set aside for the 93 connector project and repurpose it for other projects.