SB5, Ready to Deliver

by Danielle Cotterman on June 24, 2011 at 5:28 am

The fight to repeal Senate Bill 5 is coming to a close.

This is the final week opponents have to collect the some 230,000 signatures needed to place the law on the November ballot. The bill passed by Legislators and signed by Governor Kasich in March limits some of  the collective bargaining rights for over 350,000 public employees statewide.

"They’re not giving me a voice, they’re going to tell me what I’m going to make and that’s just unfair." said Opponent, Doug Hobson. "I mean, I feel our country was built on the unions and, unfortunately, some of the politicians today are knocking the union in the ground. "

Teachers, firefighters, and steel workers gathered Friday to continue collecting signature at Shrider’s Insurance on Maple Avenue in Zanesville, and to educate the public on what they say will turn collective bargaining, into collective begging. Opponent, Martha Mitchell, said, without teacher input, student education is at risk.

"In the long run it will not save the country," said Miller. "Because you are going to have those kids out there not prepared to work and take care of themselves."

Opponents will continue collecting signatures at Shrider Insurance until 7:00 Friday evening. Those who sign must be a resident of Muskingum, Perry or Noble County and be a registered voter. A parade will be held in Columbus June 29th to deliver the petition to the Attorney Generals Office.