State Auditor Talks Reducing Size of Government

by Mark Bullion on June 22, 2011 at 6:48 am

With the 8 billion dollar budget deficit the state is currently facing, the State Auditor is looking for ways to make every dollar go further.

WHIZ sat down with State Auditor Dave Yost Wednesday morning to discuss how to better improve local governments while still saving money. One of those ways he says is by consolidating small townships to make one larger one.

"We have 1,308 townships in this state and a third of them have 1500 people, how many people does it take to make a government?" Said Yost.


Recently, Yost also proposed the idea of merging some of the State’s 88 counties, a move that would be controlled on a voluntary and local basis.

"There are some small counties around this state where two could live as cheaply as one and coming together and sharing the government could end up leading to serious cost savings," said Yost.

One of the measures the auditor has implemented to help save money is Senate Bill 4, which requires performance audits, an audit that examines operating costs and staff of state run agencies.