4-H Dog Agility and Obedience

by Kim Tewalt on July 13, 2011 at 6:44 am

Muskingum County 4-H students got to show off their dogs Wednesday afternoon.

Agility course and obedience judging took place at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds. Advisor Lynn Sellars says it takes a lot of work to prepare the dogs and kids.

"They have to learn some obedience, they have to be able to lead." Sellars said about the dogs. "They have to be able to do a down when instructed, and they have to be able to follow the pointing hand to do a jump."

She says both the dogs and kids really enjoy the event, and they would like to see more participation at the county level.

"The kids have a lot of fun doing this once they get started." said Sellars. "It looks intimidating at first, because the dog is dragging them everywhere the dog wants to go, but once the dog learns some general techniques, and the kids learn some general techniques, and the dog sees that there is food and a lot of fun, everyone has a good time. "

The kids each received participation ribbons, and the top scoring student and dog duo got appropriate place ribbons. The top two finalists from both groups will move on to the state fair. If you are interested in the 4-H program, call the Extension Office at 740-454-0144, and ask for a local advisor.