Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

by Danielle Cotterman on July 1, 2011 at 5:05 am

As over crowding continues to be an issue for the local animal shelter, they are asking for your help to keep from turning to euthanization as a last resort.

The Animal Shelter in Muskingum County is an adoptable, no kill shelter, meaning any pet that is not sick or aggressive will be saved. The shelter has been working at full capacity for sometime now and has had to turn away a number of animals.

"[I’m] all curious of what people are going to do with them if they’re going to hold onto the animals until we can accept them or are they dumping them,"said Animal Shelter Supervisor, John Newman. "The cats will become wild and farile, be breading and then that’s going to turn into a whole other problem we’re going to have down the road."

Norwich Flea Market Vendor, Anita Kesner, has taken in 7 cats and 2 dogs and said she knows first hand the struggles of abandoned animals.

"They’ve been dropped off at my house and they just become ours because we put signs up saying we found them and nobody ever claimed them so we just kept them," Kesner explained.

When Kesner heard about the Shelter’s efforts she teamed up with the Norwich Flea Market to make a difference and to keep euthanization from taking place. Newman said many shelters will euthanize healthy pets after being at the shelter for only a few days. Newman said, some of their pets like "Chyro" have been with them for months and euthanization is not the answer.

"Chyro" came to the shelter when he was just 9 weeks old, today he is 7 months and still in need of a good home.

If you’re interested in adopting or donating call the Animal Shelter at 740-452-1077.

The Norwich Flea Market will be collecting donations for the next two weeks. They are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-5:00.