Attention: Calling All Firefighters!

by Ashley Zilka on July 22, 2011 at 11:02 am

Zane State and the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department are teaming up for the fire department’s membership drive.

The drive takes place from July 22nd until August 24th. Washington Township Fire Department Auxiliary Member Tina Lambert and some of her classmates at Zane State are helping kick off the drive as part of a volunteer project. They will be passing out flyers throughout the community spreading the word. Chief Gene Hanning says there are several requirements in order to become a member.

"Have to be graduated from high school or a GED. 18 year of age and live in Washington Township, and then if we can do that, at the end of August 24th, at the membership drive is when I will have a new recruit class start and hopefully have enough people to start the class," said Chief Hanning. 

Chief Hanning expressed his thanks for the community’s support. He says by joining the local fire department, you are making a difference.

"With the amount of runs that we have is not that great but for each person, when they have an emergency, we try to fulfill our job as best as we can," said Chief Hanning.

Chief Hanning says due to the low membership, they are unable to respond to all runs. If you are interested in joining, call Chief Gene Hanning at 740-819-5837.