Bait-Up and Cast-Out

by Danielle Cotterman on July 16, 2011 at 3:15 am

Kids and adults with disabilities set the bait and casted out for a day of fishing.

The 6th annual Fishing and Fun day took place Saturday morning behind Luburgh Incorporation in Zanesville. The day is sponsored by the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and is designed for kids and adults with disabilities. 23 year-old Jonathan William has Down Syndrome and has been coming to the event with his father for the past couple years. Williams said he enjoys playing video games but getting outside was ideal.

"I like it that way," said William, "nice and warm."

President of the local chapter, Dick Sorg has been involved with the event since it first began. He said the best part is seeing the kids catch a fish.

"I’ll tell you, when you see the expression on their face, that alone, that’s enough reward," said Sorg.

The day included fishing, archery, cross bow and B.B gun shooting and a campfire cook out. The event is paid for by the National Wild Turkey Federation yearly banquet and through local donations.