Blood Donations Needed

by Danielle Cotterman on July 24, 2011 at 8:14 am

While many families soaked up the sun at Lake Isabella some took a moment to share the warmth.

The Red-Cross Blood Mobile was parked just outside the lake asking swimmers to donate. According to Charge Nurse, Franceis Shepard there is currently a critical need for blood donors. She says the shortage is due to school being let out for the summer, so less blood drives take place. Ironically, it’s the summer time when the most blood is needed due to more activity, travel and accidents.

"So we need people to come out and donate blood," said Shepard "We don’t care if you are O, A, or B, positive or negative, we want your blood."

The Red-Cross have between 20-25 locations to donate blood available each day, about 5 of which are their mobile units as seen here. The units will stay at each location for about six hours, leaving in just enough time to return to the blood to the lab where it will be broken down for use. Lake Isabella Board of Trustees Member Todd Hynds helped organize the blood-drive and says the goal was to raise between 15-20 units.

"I usually donate where ever I am to help with the blood supply in our community and in our area," said Hynds.

If you are interested in donating blood or organizing a blood drive contact your local Red-Cross.