George Hiotis

Blue Rock State Park Lake Under Advisory

by George Hiotis on July 12, 2011 at 5:41 am

There is another area lake that is dealing with toxic algae. The State of Ohio has issued an Algae Bloom Advisory for Cutler Lake at Blue Rock State Park in Muskingum County. The advisory alerts swimmers of the harmful algae blooms and it’s recommended that the water not be ingested and they avoid contact with the surface scum. But the State says at long as you stay away from the algae and don’t swallow any water  swimming in Cutler Lake is relatively safe. Buckeye Lake at Brooks Beach is under a Public Health Advisory due to the same issue and swimming and wading are not recommended. The Blue-Green Algae is fed by runoff from manure and fertilizers and sewage and was first detected in Grand Lake St Mary’s in western Ohio in 2009.