Civil War Comes to Life

by Danielle Cotterman on July 11, 2011 at 11:20 am

Bringing history to life, reminds us of the bloodshed and battle for those who fought in this country’s deadliest war. A closer look at the group that has been re-enacting parts of the Civil War for over 20 years in McConelsville….preserving what happened nearly 150 years ago.

Confederate and Union Solider’s prepared for battle Sunday afternoon.

"It’s going to be bloody, always is," said Re-enactor Robert Collins. "We believe in what Lincoln’s doing and we want to preserve history."

"We hear they’re out here somewhere," hollered Re-Enactor Steve Brown. "We’ve been out searching for them and we hear they are in strength. As far as slavery, each state ought to be able to own their own slaves."

These soldiers battle in the Civil War Re-Enactment to remember those who fought and educate those who watched.

Re-enactor Tyler Oren traveled from West Virginia to take part in the Re-enactment, he’s participated since he was two and said he does it to remind families what happened.

"They were asking boys 14 and 15 [years-old] to go out there and die," expressed Oren. "I think we need to remember that, we need to keep history from repeating itself."

Melayne Pritchett has been bringing her kids to watch the Morgan County Re-enactment for years. Her son, Quincy, is going into the 6th grade and says in school he learned what the Civil War was, but at the Re-enactment he learns what it’s all about.

"It was very rough in the summer because of the wool," said Pritchett. "Life was not easy back then it was hard."

Collins agrees, "Get them out here, let them see the soldiers, hear the riffles, cannons going off and they’ll take that back to class. This is better than any classroom they’ll ever have."

The weekend marked the 24th annual Civil War Encampment Days. The event is sponsored by the Morgan County Re-enactment Association. Re-enactors throughout the country participate, bringing out a crowd of about 300.