Civil War Comes to McConellsville

by Danielle Cotterman on July 9, 2011 at 5:33 am

If you were in McConellsville early Saturday afternoon….you might have noticed something a bit out of the ordinary in front of the Morgan County Courthouse.

It was the 24th Annual Civil War Re-enactment. Each year the Morgan County Re-enactors Association line up as Union and Confederate soldiers. Re-enactor, Ernie Parnell has been apart of the Civil War display since he was eight and said, it’s a hobby unlike any other.

"The reasons they do it is multiple, some of them do it just because they love the smell of gunpowder," said Parnell. "Some like to do it because they are representing their families, some come out because they want to educate their families, things such as that."

Re-enactor, Jeff Steiner said he is involved in the re-enactment to honor and respect those who fought. He said, either Southern or Northern ties, they’re all Americans and deserve the respect. He said, this is a chance to bring history to life.

"It makes it real," said Steiner. "If you read a book, it’s like a bad history teacher giving you a book with names and dates, but if a history teacher gets into it and makes it fun and interesting, then you’re going to learn a lot more."

If you missed Saturday’s re-enactment you can catch another Civil War re-enactment Sunday along State Route 37 at Springbrook Farm. The battle will begin at 12:30pm.