Controversial Musical In Zanesville

by Danielle Cotterman on July 17, 2011 at 6:44 am

A controversial performance comes to Downtown Zanesville.

The Renner, Home of Zane Trace Players presents the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which shows the last seven days of Jesus’s Life as a man. The original performance created a controversy because the story only goes through the crucifixion and not the resurrection. The performance also generated criticism for its portrayal of Jesus’s relationship with Judas and Mary Magdalene. Director Bruce Revennaugh said it is his intention to present these relationships with as much emotion as possible.

"Our goal is to create an atmosphere where local people can express their artistic abilities," said Revennaugh. "We kind of go for shows that are not always shown al the time, something that’s a little different, which is why we choose Jesus Christ Superstar."

The musical, more appropriately described as a Rock Opera often brings a mixed reaction from the audience. Revennaugh said unlike a typical play the opera is continuous, not always allowing for obvious moments to applaud.

"We feel it’s a really good performance, we’ve had good response from the audience who is very much appreciative of how we put it together," said Revennaugh. "If you’re interested in something that’s a little different take, this is a good show.

For a list of times and dates contact or call (740) 453-8481