Council Talks Future Road Repairs, Odor Control

by Mark Bullion on July 25, 2011 at 9:03 am

Some road improvement projects could be coming to Zanesville next year.

Zanesville City Council passed an ordinance in its third reading that would allow Mayor Zwelling to apply for state funding for various road improvement projects, which includes several in Zanesville that are in desperate need of repair.

"It’s not finalized which ones were going to pave yet but we believe we’re going to look at South Pine and the southern end of Putnam," said Public Service Director Mike Sims.

Once the projects are finalized and are official, construction will begin next summer. Also in its third reading, council passed an ordinance allowing the city to enter into a contract to use hydrogen peroxide or bioxide for odor control at the wastewater treatment plant on Moxahala Avenue. The city is currently testing bioxide for the odor problem, which is half the price of hydrogen peroxide.

"We think it may be more effective but until we give it the bench test and see how it goes for the next month or so, we just bought a small quantity just to give it a try," said Sims.

We also caught up with Sims on several road repair projects including Wayne Avenue near downtown. Sims says the road should be completed by this Friday. He also says O-DOT will begin repaving Maple Avenue by mid August starting near Northpointe Drive and working their way south.