Donating Blood Saves Man’s Life, Returns Favor

by Mark Bullion on July 8, 2011 at 6:33 am

Most people know donating blood helps save lives and it’s true.

Blood donor Pat Lively, at age seven, Lively was working on a West Virginia farm with hot water heated by bricks. Lively says he backed up into the bricks causing a tub of scalding hot water to fall on him causing third degree burns to his back.

After dozens of blood transfusions and being in the hospital for 9 months, he was told he was going to die.

It was then, his uncle, who was a doctor, made a homemade ointment to apply to Lively’s back, which he did for 30 days, that in the end, saved his life.

"Modern medicine will not accept some of the home remedies that they used back then and I think that the remedy they used on me worked very well because at my age today, it’s hard to believe what i’ve been through," said Lively.

He feels great knowing that after all he went through, he is helping to save other’s lives.

"The whole neighborhood donated blood to me, all the schools where I went to, the kids donated blood," said Lively.

The blood drive, held at the Perry County Volunteer Fire Department is just one of the many across the area participating in this year’s Guns ‘n Hoses event which challenges police and fire departments to compete in who donates the most blood.