Dozens Attend Cancer Seminar at Genesis HealthPlex

by Mark Bullion on July 20, 2011 at 8:00 am

Some area residents got the chance Wednesday evening to learn more about cancer.

The Spirit of Women organization along with Genesis Healthcare System put on a seminar at the Genesis Healthplex to educate people about cancer including the different kinds, prevention, and treatment.

"Stop smoking. Tobacco is related to the most common cancers in the US and it certainly is the most common thing behind dying of cancer,"

Dr. Wegner says one method of prevention is getting cancer screenings for women especially those who have cervical, breast, and colo-rectal cancer. As for men, tonight brought on several questions about treating prostate cancer..

"The screening for prostate cancer is an area of a lot of debate right now, and it’s recommended that if you’re concerned about it, or if you have cancer in your family, certainly if your african american, you should be screened for prostate cancer. "

Spirit of Women along with Genesis hold special seminars like Wednesday’s several times a year.