East Side Tee-Up

by Danielle Cotterman on July 16, 2011 at 3:06 am

More than 100 golfers teed-up Saturday  for a good cause.

The 5th annual East Side Community Ministry Golf Outing took place Saturday afternoon at the Jaycee’s Golf Course. 104 golfers took part in the event. Former Board Member Mark Crawmer said that’s more than ever before.

"It’s non competitive and it’s for fun and fellowship," said Crawmer. "It’s to celebrate some of the accomplishments that East Side and just to have a good time, that’s our main goal."

All proceeds from the day will go towards East Sides youth program. Crawmer said the organization works with about 30 kids each day and he enjoys seeing them get involved.

"Yeah that is my favorite part of the day," expressed Crawmer. "The youth will be here later on and they will be helping serve the meal which we have a really nice meal planed for today. "

The event hopes to raise about $5,000. East Side contributes as a food pantry and clothing shelter for the local community.