Educational Services Combine

by Danielle Cotterman on July 5, 2011 at 5:11 am

 A push to better the future will combine educational service centers in our area.

After 40 years working in education, Superintendent of Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center, Richard Murray will be looking towards retiring. His retirement will come at a time when legislation is pushing towards a shared service model which supports a merger of the Muskingum Valley and the Perry Hocking Educational Service Centers.

"Again, it just fits in the whole concept of the shared service model can we come together in a way that is going to better leverage resources, you know be able to help school districts," explained Murray. "It’s no secret that resources are limited and I think it’s a credit to the board of education will to take a look that far down the road. "

Current Superintendent of Franklin Local School District, David Branch, will replace Murray and will eventually become the Superintendent of the combined Educational Service Centers. The transition is said to be a smooth one, as the Perry Hocking Superintendent will leave at the beginning of August, giving Branch 5 months to serve as Superintendent at that location, before he begins assisting at the Muskingum Valley location and then ultimately taking over when Murray retires in December.

"If the merger is the kind of merger it needs to be that will all kind of happen and not too many people will know about it," said Murray. "We will just keep marching on and getting better and connecting, creating, and contributing."

Both Boards of Education seem committed to the change and the merger should be completed by January of 2012. Murray said, the continued goal of the organization is to connect people who can create opportunities that will contribute to the education of our youth.