Help Comes to ‘Hoarder’

by Danielle Cotterman on July 19, 2011 at 6:44 am

In response to WHIZ’s news story on Veteran and Hoarder John Krouskoupf the City of Zanesville has received a number of calls and interest of people wanting to help.

The Zanesville man claimed the city was on the verge of tearing down his home after he failed to meet the city’s Property Maintenance Code, which prohibits residence from accumulating trash or debris outside their home. Mayor Butch Zwelling said Code Enforcement Supervisor Tim Smith along with the City of Zanesville have spent thousands of dollars cleaning up Krouskoupf’s property .

"God Bless our Veterans, we can not do enough for them for what they are doing to save our freedom which we sometimes take for
granted," said Zwelling. "But it doesn’t give him the right to break the law and so we have gone along with John Krouskoupf for many many times, for many years."

The City of Zanesville has been working with Krouskoupf for about ten years. Smith, said they filed an injunction against themselves to keep from tearing down Krouskoupf’s home. The injunction came to an end Monday and now volunteers such as Ordained Minister Kenneth Moore are stepping in to help keep Krouskoupf’s home in conjunction with the law.

"Hoarding is an illness," said Moore. "You have to treat it as such and you have to use the proper procedure for dealing with it."

Moore along with newly opened ‘More of Him Thrift and Gift’ in Downtown Zanesville will work as a mediator between Krouskoupf and the city. The non profit organization will assist homeowners that are elderly, disabled, or in similar situations such as Krouskoupf, maintain their property. Moore will have Krouskoupf sign a contract allowing them to bring in dumpsters, recycle what is usable, and assist him in keeping the property up to code.