“Hoarder’s” Home Threatened By City

by Danielle Cotterman on July 12, 2011 at 11:24 am

A  Zanesville man is on the verge of possibly losing his home and he thinks the city is taking advantage of him. War Veteran John Krouskoupf who some people call a "hoarder" claims the City of Zanesville is threatening to tear down his home if he doesn’t clean it up.

Krouskoupf has been living in the 8th Street home since his dad built it in 1954. City Code Enforcement Supervisor, Tim Smith said neighbors have complained in the past and says they have every right too according to the Property Maintenance Code, which prohibits residents from accumulating debris or trash outside their home. Smith then cited the property as a Public Nuisance.

"So your prohibited by law to accumulate all this stuff on your property," said Smith. "You just can’t do it and obviously if you lived next door to this you’d be really upset that you allowed this to go on."

Smith said he has made an attempt over the 10 year span of the situation to help Krouskoupf clean up his property and removed items under court supervision. Krouskoupf said he is not bothering anyone and feels the city is throwing their weight around. He said when he speaks with neighbors they have no complaints.

"Look at me, I ain’t got nothing that’s illegal that I know of," said Krouskoupf. "I got a lot of stuff yeah, but everything is good."

The city in an attempt to work with Krouskoupf filed an Injunction against themselves, stating they are unable to tear down the home and only the court could lift the injunction if the property did not remain clean…. The injunction expires Monday and Smith will asses the situation.