Illegal Drugs and Bath Salts found in Victim’s Motel Room

by Ashley Zilka on July 1, 2011 at 11:29 am

Detectives with the Zanesville Police Department are continuing to investigate the death of a 33-year-old female at the Econo Lodge Motel in Zanesville.

Sergeant Roush says patrol officers were initially dispatched to the motel room in regards to a disturbance in one of the rooms. The deceased victim has been identified as Angela Calendine of Zanesville who was found in room 103 around 4:15 Thursday afternoon.

At the same time, police stopped a car near the intersection of 6th and Main Streets that was thought to have been at the motel moments earlier. Roush says illegal drugs and a large amount of cash were found in the vehicle. Investigators say two people from the vehicle are now facing drug charges.

"The vehicle leaving..not directly involved in her death but the occupants of that van had been at the motel room earlier in the day and we do believe that Ms. Calendine had been dead for several hours," said Roush. 

Sergeant Roush says no signs of foul play were observed, however a significant amount of illegal drugs were found in the victim’s motel room as well as drug paraphernalia and bath salts.

"This incident yesterday is a tragic reminder of the problem that bath salts are becoming here in our area and really throughout the country, so we are hoping something gets done quickly to ban not only the use of bath salts but the sale of bath salts."

Roush says two individuals outside the motel room were also taken into custody for questioning. An autopsy will be performed today at the Licking County Coroners Office.