Junction City Celebrates

by Danielle Cotterman on July 3, 2011 at 7:00 am

The scorching heat wasn’t enough to stop Fourth of July celebrations across the area….

Sunday was the 39th July 4th Celebration held in Junction City. A committee organizes the event each year to include a car show and raffle drawings for the adults…bounce houses and pony rides for the kids….and vendors of all types for the whole family. Committee Secretary Shay Clark said, the event grows each year.

"I’ll tell you it’s nice because Somerset and New Lex have already had their fireworks," explained Clark. "So we get all those people down here plus the Junction City people, and we have other people from out of town that come in and enjoy the fireworks."

One local boy said his parents work and are unable to make it, so he comes out each year with his aunt and uncle and said every family should participate.

"I think because the 4th of July is like the fun of families and all that," said 14 year-old Jon Miller. "Parents should bring kids because it will be more fun for kids and something to do today."

The event is put on each year through donations and proceeds raised by the vendors. Clark said, Junction City organizes a Sweetheart Dance each February which also makes a large contribution.