Last Minute Fourth of July Shoppers

by Kim Tewalt on July 4, 2011 at 5:07 am

Last minute shoppers were out Monday getting items for their Fourth of July celebrations.

Riesbeck’s Pick N Save parking lot was packed Monday morning with shoppers scrambling to get last minute deals. Assistant Store Director, Steve Fusner, says the store was busy keeping shelves stocked. He says the rush of people wasn’t unusual, because many people come back in the evening to watch the fireworks from their parking lot

"We’ve had a lot of folks coming in yesterday (Sunday) and today so far looking for charcoal, charcoal lighter, napkins, paper cups, paper plates, buns, last minute cookout items" said Fusner.

He says while items like ice, chips, and meat seem to be popular, products like Sparklers and smoke bombs fly off the shelf.

"We have almost sold out of those actually" he said. "We do have a few left. We have Sparklers, and  the snaps, and the snakes."

Riesbeck’s Pick N Save is open until midnight on Independence Day for anyone who is looking to buy last minute party items.