Law Day Essay Contest

by Danielle Cotterman on July 1, 2011 at 4:47 am

Some local high school graduates have a few extra bucks to go toward their college education.

Each year the Muskingum County Bar Association holds an essay contest honoring Law Day and awarding scholarships to area students who write the top three essays. 

Law Day Committee Chairman, Steven Buck said, "They are representing the community in a way that shows that these are young people that can apply their minds to what are difficult questions and come up with a good answer to difficult problems that face us as a community."

This years topic was "Why it is important to defend unpopular defendants against popular state action?" Recent Rosecrans graduate, Stephen Reineccius took second place in the contest pointing out that if unpopular defendants are not defended, mob rule would run our country, which he said the founding fathers would want to prevent.

"I just have the idea that if we always stand up for what we believe in which is kind of the idea of defending the indefensible," said Reineccius. "You don’t always have to go with the crowd and just try to be your own person."

Recent Philo High School graduate, Sadie Deitrick took third place by reminding judges that John Adams’ defense of the soldiers who fired in the Boston Massacre are just one example in history of when lawyers have stepped forward to defend unpopular clients.

"I related to an example of O.J Simpson of Bin Laden," said Deitrick.  "Of how they are, how everyone should be given the right to be defended."

On average 16 -24 essays are submitted and reviewed. This years winners included Ryan Braglin from Philo High School, Stephen Reineccius from Rosecrans High School and Sandie Deitrick from Philo High School.