Lemonade Stand, Hot Competition

by Danielle Cotterman on July 6, 2011 at 9:31 am

A lemonade stand aimed to raise money for a good cause became sour when competition moved in.

Christ’s Table sold lemonade this weekend at the Stars and Stripes on the River event in Downtown Zanesville. The non profit organization worked to raise money for the hungry and homeless. They were scheduled to be the only lemonade stand at the event ….when two other lemonade stands set-up shop looking to profit.

"It’s hard for volunteers when they are giving up their holiday weekend to come down and work in the hot sun all weekend and you see the other lemonade kind of strolling around, it was kind of hard for our volunteers," explained Executive Director of Christ’s Table Keely Warden.

Warden said this was their first year taking part in the event. They had offered to sell cotton candy or popcorn but were told those items were already being offered and that lemonade was up for grabs. Warden expressed her frustration to the event organizers, the Zanesville Jaycees, who apologized for the mix-up and in turn gave out 100 free tickets towards their lemonade stand…A total of $500.

"But then after the Jaycees did that 100 free shake-ups, I think everyone tasted how good are lemonade shake-ups were and we were non stop," said Warden.

The $500 donation will provide a days worth of meals at Christ’s Table. Overall Christ’s Table brought in about $2,800, almost meeting their goal of $3,000. Warden said, one dollar feeds one person. She plans to take part in next years event and thanks the Jaycees for their efforts to clear out competition.