Little Brothers and Sisters Need You

by Danielle Cotterman on July 13, 2011 at 2:57 am

Little Brothers and Little Sisters are asking you to take time and be their friend.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Muskingum County currently have 86 children on their waiting list to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister. Development Coordinator Sarah Browning said this is an all time high for the non-profit organization and is asking volunteers to come forward as mentors. She said ‘Bigs’ are only asked to spend two days a month with their ‘Little.’

"And you can do lots of things," said Browning. "We don’t want you to spoil the child so we don’t want you to take them everywhere under the sun, we just want you to kind of incorporate them into things you’re already doing in your everyday life."

Browning also suggests families team-up to act as a Big Brother or Big Sister and include a ‘Little’ into their summer time activities. One child currently on the waiting list is 10 year-old, Taylor. Browning said she loves to read, watch movies, go to church and take part in any activity that gets her outside the house.

Browning described Taylor’s match, "Who is genuine kind, understanding and fun, so someone she can talk to and have fun with, which isn’t too hard of a job, I don’t think."

Another child currently on the waiting list is 11 year-old, Tyrell. Browning said he likes to play basketball, go skating and watch wrestling. He wants to learn how to fish and to swim.

"So what a perfect way to teach them right now this summer," said Browning. "It’s a good time to go fishing."

To qualify to become a Big Brother or Big Sister call (740) 453-7300 to schedule an interview.


"Littles" In Need of "Bigs"

Dakota is 9 years old and the second youngest of 5 children and the last of his siblings who are enrolled in our program to get a BB. He likes to play games, ride bikes, swim, watch tv and do puzzles. He is friendly, well mannered, quiet and interested in people.

Jayden is 10 years old and enjoys video games, bowling and outdoor activities like playing ball. He likes school and is a pretty good student. He is friendly and talkative and would like to have a BB to do things with him.
Jeremy is 15 years old and very goal oriented. He needs a BB who would guide and mentor him. He enjoys sports, fishing, and would like to have a Big that he could work out with. He is a very nice boy who is very appreciative of all he has and enjoys outdoor activities.

Elijah is 12 years old and enjoys playing video games, basketball, swimming, drawing, and playing on the computer. He would like to have a BB to do things with him…someone who he can hang out with and talk to. He’s funny and enjoys making people laugh. He also enjoys singing and dancing.

Tyrell is 11 years old and enjoys playing basketball, skating, bowling, drawing, watching wrestling, jumping on the trampoline and would like to learn how to swim and fish. He is friendly, laid back, easygoing and an exceptional student. He would like to have a BB to hang out with and play games.

Taylor is a mature 10 year old and a straight A student. She loves to read, watch tv, play on the computer, go to the movies, go to church and any fun activity that will get her out of the house. She wants a BS who is genuine, kind, understanding and fun. Someone she can talk to and have fun with.

Jennifer is a friendly 12 year old who likes skating, tv, the outdoors, window shopping and listening to music. She is the oldest of 3 and would like to have a BS to try new things with and have someone to talk to.