Local Kids Benefit from Ohio’s Race to the Top

by Ashley Zilka on July 1, 2011 at 12:02 pm

Local Kids are benefiting from grants through Ohio’s Race to the Top Inniative.

The Zanesville City Schools have partnered with Muskingum Valley ESC and Riverview Local Schools and will start a new program, The Muskingum Valley STEM Academy. Muskingum Valley ESC Care Team Director, Michele Timmons, says they will receive 750,000 dollars over three years to create a high quality, high tech project based curriculum that will be located in the Old Grover Cleveland School site.

"We need to prepare our children to get ready for the 21st century workforce and so much of what happens in the business industry is collaborative and is problem solving and we have an issue, what are we going to do about it," said Timmons. 

The program will focus on science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. Timmons says The Muskingum Valley STEM Academy is specifically designed for the youth in the Southeastern Ohio region.

"You need to find a spark in a child. It’s that spark that is going to get them to school, it’s that spark that is going to drive them to go to college, or go to a post-secondary career, so that’s really what we want to do. We want to help our children find their spark and get them connected in our community," said Timmons. 

Each school district has specific plans for their allotted funds.