Maple Avenue Construction

by Danielle Cotterman on July 28, 2011 at 3:28 am

The busiest road in Zanesville is about to get a lot worse — thanks to a big re-paving project.

Maple Avenue will be resurfaced from Adair Avenue through Shannon Road, a stretch of almost 10 miles. Construction is set to begin Wednesday and not be finished until the end of October. ODOT District Deputy Director Joseph Rutherford said construction will take place during the day hours due to over head electrical wiring posing a safety concern to dump trucks underneath if not seen. Rutherford said travelers should expect delays.

"There is no real good time to do any of this work," said Rutherford. "No matter when we’re out there working we’re going to impact somebody’s life."

Rutherford explains resurfacing Maple Avenue is to benefit everyone’s safety. He explains asphalt pavement becomes worn overtime causing skid resistance on the road to drop. The new pavement will improve skid resistance, make pavement markings easier to read, and ultimately reduce the number of accidents.

"People need to exercise caution in work zone areas," said Rutherford. "But we’re going to help them as much as we can to get to their destination and not be infront of a business too long of a period of time."

A flagger will be present when only one lane is open. Rutherford said the project will have two stages- beginning at the north end of the project near Route 60 and Shannon Road then continue South to Adair Avenue. The project is contracted by the Shelly Company of Thornville and is estimated to cost just under $4 million.