Memorial Concert Band Changes Location

by Danielle Cotterman on July 1, 2011 at 5:57 am

The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band will change locations for the 4th of July holiday weekend….

The concert band typically plays at Zanes Landing Park each week but will perform at Secrest Auditorium Sunday, July 3rd due to scheduling of the annual Stars and Stripes on the River event. Secrest Auditorium Manager, John Kunkel said he is excited to have them and says it should be a great show.

"Well I think naturally it’s our independence day, I’m sure their will be a lot of patriotic music, probably some Sousa Marches in there, they’ll get us all revved up," said Kunkel. "And I believe they will be doing a tribute salute to all the veterans."

The concert will still be a free event, and Kunkel said the air conditioning will be highly appreciated.

"I think like today it’s like what 90 degrees, and it’s suppose to be hot on Sunday and I think this is a nice setting to come into an air conditioned building for a free concert," said Kunkel. "And still be right where all the action is for Stars and Stripes on the River."

Doors open at 2:00 and the concert will begin at 3:00. Parking should not be an issue for concert goers. Kunkel suggests parking at the Secrest Auditorium, Community Bank, the Board of Education or the Welcome Center. The concert band will resume playing at the Zanes Landing location on July 24th.