Muskingum County 2012 Budget To Be Tight

by Kim Tewalt on July 15, 2011 at 12:03 pm

The Muskingum County Commissioners met Thursday to discuss the 2012 budget.

It was an opportunity for anyone to express questions or concerns about the budget in place for 2012. Although no departments came forward with concerns, Commissioner Jerry Lavy did express his.

"Obviously when you have estimated revenues at 23,000,000, and you have expenses for the county general fund at 30,000,000, obviously we’ve got a big gap there." said Lavy.

He says they will hopefully have a committee formed in the next two to three months that will be able to look at the numbers and make adjustments, which Lavy says is a normal part of the process.

"There could be cause for concern because obviously we’re going to be down on local revenue, sharing from the state." he said. "We’re getting a 25% cut. and so there is cut and revenues are down from last year."

Lavy says last years revenue was estimates at around 24 million dollars, and with all the cuts, that will make the 2012 budget very tight. He says the Commissioners will have to look closely and scrutinize all the line items.

The submitted budget isn’t something the Commissioners have formally adopted, and is subject to change.