Scholarship Program for Bishop Fenwick Catholic School

by Mark Bullion on July 7, 2011 at 6:02 am

The importance of education plays a critical role in today’s society and what better way to embrace it than through scholarship opportunities.

Bishop Fenwick Catholic School in Zanesville is currently enrolling students in pre-school through 8th grade and has a scholarship opportunity for those looking to attend the school.

"What the scholarship does is it gives right now a 4,000 dollar scholarship to every family that would be interested," said Principal Kelly Sagan.

 The 4,000 dollars would cover nearly all of the tuition to attend Bishop Fenwick. The scholarship would be renewed each year and would stay with the student all the way through 12th grade. It comes after Governor Kasich signed House Bill 153 which increased the number of scholarships throughout the state.

"At first, there was only 14,000 scholarships, and with the signage of the state budget, he increased that to 30,000 scholarships so the application process has been reopened for families that would be interested in choosing a different school for their chiled to go to rather than the one that they are already enrolled in," said Sagan.

For more information on how to apply and eligibility requirements, you can visit