School and Community Support Coping Kids

by Danielle Cotterman on July 19, 2011 at 12:55 pm

In reaction to the tragic death of fourteen-year-old Grant Hickman Zanesville City Schools have joined with the community to support those kids coping with the loss.

Zanesville City Schools Research Psychologist Chuck Archer said anytime a situation like this happens the most important step is to provide support to kids feelings as they process through it. Archer said kids will experience a variety of emotion and they need to be able to do so.

"You need to ask them, how you feeling, what’s going on, what are you thinking about this?" said Archer. "So often as adults, parents and teachers we want to tell kids what’s appropriate, what’s not appropriate and we don’t often times allow them to express themselves. "

Archer explains that kids in the teen-age years tend to go to friends for support. Archer said this is to be expected but parents should keep a watchful eye for signs their child may need support of an adult or professional.

"Everybody’s world has been rocked," said Archer. "We’ve found out that the unthinkable can happen. Usually when something happens like this we read about it in the paper and it’s happen way far away . This has happened here, its happened in our back yard in our neighborhood, it’s happened to kids we know."

Zanesville City Schools will work with community resources such as Genesis Health Center, Children Services and Muskingum Behavioral Health to assure children are given the upmost attention. 

If you are concerned for your child contact Zanesville City School Board Offices (740) 454-9751.