Smoking Bans, One Step Further

by Danielle Cotterman on July 12, 2011 at 7:50 am

State laws bans smoking inside any public group wants to take it one step further.

Community Impact Team representatives, Kate Paul and Amy Davis met with Muskingum County Commissioners Monday to ask their approval to adopt a tobacco free campus policy at the 205 North 7th Street building in Zanesville. While there is no smoking allowed in the building due to state law, smoking is still permitted outside the building and along campus grounds. The proposed change would prohibit all smoking.

"We’re trying to promote a healthy community by asking them to go tobacco free and that’s simply to adopt a policy that all their employees and anyone visiting the campus refrains from using tobacco," said Davis. "And that we don’t have the second-hand smoke outside and everyone can be a little healthier."

Paul and Davis originally proposed the idea to Commissioners in May. Commissioners asked they provide further information of other area counties that have adopted similar policies, stressing their concerns that the area is public property.

"There’s a lot of questions here still perhaps may be unresolved that I think may have to be drafted," said Commissioner Jerry Lavy. "As far as enforcement goes whose going to enforce it, how’s it going to be enforced, just a lot of unanswered questions until perhaps a rough draft can be drafted for us to review to fine tune it, so that it is something that will be workable if we decided to go that route."

Commissioners will take time to review the matter and meet with Impact Team Representatives again at the beginning of August. At that  time Community Impact will present a rough draft of the proposed policy. The campus is currently home to the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department, Children Services, Board of Elections, and the Muskingum Valley Educational Services.