Swimming Pool Water Takes Toll From Heat

by Mark Bullion on July 21, 2011 at 8:41 am

The heat is not only something that can take drastic tolls on our bodies, but it can also take a toll on the water you swim in when trying to beat the heat.

Dresden Pool Supervisor Caitlin Jones says the heat plays a critical role in the overall safety of the water you swim in. She says the hotter it gets, the more they have to keep an eye on chlorine levels in the pool.

"It causes a lot of stress on the pool, the heat itself tends to zap the chlorine so we push a lot of the chlorine and also when it’s hot we’re going to have a lot more swimmers so that puts an added stress level so we just have to be careful that the water clarity stays stable and that we have the accurate chlorine and ph level stays where its a safe level to swim," said Jones.

Jones says testing is done often throughout the day, especially when temperatures are this hot.

"Usually it’s every two hours but when it gets hot like this, we usually test every hour just to make sure everything needs to be where it is," said Jones.

If you are looking for relief, the Dresden Pool is open 11 to 7 Monday through Saturday and Sunday 12 to 7.