Tornado Sirens Sound an Alarm for Officals

by Danielle Cotterman on July 12, 2011 at 7:41 am

Poor weather conditions Monday and a report of funnel cloud triggered concern of when to sound the alarm.

Monday afternoon an off duty Coshocton Firefighter spotted what he said was a funnel cloud formation, similar to a photo snapped by Local Resident, Lori Hammer at about the same time. Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Director, Bo Keck said when a credible source reports tornado conditions, even if the weather service has not issued a warning, action is taken.

"We can activate these sirens either way and we’d rather be safe than sorry," said Keck.

Keck said a credible source typically constitutes any fire or law enforcement official, who he says are trained to spot tornadic conditions. The dispatch center has a button labeled ‘Tornado All Call’ which will trip all 40 sirens throughout Muskingum County. Keck said, the sirens last three minutes each and will continue if danger is thought to still be evident.

"If you hear it going on for ten to fifteen minutes realize there is no doubt that we have a tornado on the ground," said Keck.

Keck wants to be sure all residents know when you hear the sirens there is no need to call officials. Take cover and stay there until the sirens have not been activated for a while.