Zanesville and Cambridge Take Fourth of July Tournament Titles

by JT Raymond on July 5, 2011 at 6:32 am

It’s not how you start in baseball but how you finish, and in the case of the Zanesville Blue Devils and Cambridge Post 84 it was their finishes that earned them tournament titles this holiday weekend.

The Blue Devils were the only team in the Tusky Tournament using wood bats playing against legion and all star teams using the standard metal, but still found away to win the tournament. It started with a nail bitter in their first game of the afternoon against the Coshocton Cherokees, who co-hosted the tounament. The Devils were able to scratch out just one run but it was enough to get the victory and move them into the championship game. In that final game Zanesville needed extra innings but still found away to squeak out another victory and took home the championship trophy.

At Cambridge, Post 84 got off to a rocky start in the 19th annual Don Coss Tournament but rallied from an opening game loss to finish their own tournament 5-1. Post 84 avenged an earlier defeat against St. Clairsville in the finals to raise the Coss Championship trophy. It took every ounce of energy that Post 84 had but they won both games this afternoon in come from behind fashion to finish as the champions.


Tusky County Tournament:

Championship Game:

Zanesville: 4 Blue Wave: 1 F/9

Semi-Final Game:

Zanesville: 1 Coshocton: 0


Don Coss Invitational:

Championship Game:

Cambridge Post 84: 8 St.Clairsville Post 159: 7

C- Zach Roe: HR

Semi-Final Game:

Cambridge Post 84: 7 Marion: 3 F/8