A Weed Problem is Growing Out of Control

by Danielle Cotterman on August 18, 2011 at 5:23 am

Weed control has become a big issue in the City of Zanesville and now…City officials need your help.

Mayor Butch Zwelling said grants through the Muskingum County Opportunity Center to help the city mow and control the number of weeds have dried up. And now the city is struggling to keep up with the growth along sidewalks, alley ways and streets.

"Well you don’t have to look very hard," said Zwelling. "As you drive to work you can see weeds growing along the curb and in the sidewalks."

Mayor Zwelling said he’s received a number of compliments about the beautification of Zanesville, especially along the Y-Bridge but he now said it’s time for others to contribute and show their community support.

"The growing season is dwindling down but since the volunteers have left us, or the grant related people have left us there has still been some growth," said Zwelling. ‘We need to attack it and make our city as beautiful as we possibly can."

If your interested in helping get rid of the weeds in Zanesville. Call the Zanesville Mayor’s Office at (740) 455-0603. Mayor Zwelling will put you in contact with Downtown Zanesville Association Manager Dana Matz or City Code Enforcement Officer Tim Smith. Zwelling hopes the grants will return next year.