Bishops Ready For Big Things

by Dan Wolfgang on August 25, 2011 at 6:44 am

Rosecrans has always been the small school, and this year is no exception.  But unlike past seasons, the Bishops’ size may actually be to their benefit in 2011.

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After a 3-7 year, Rosecrans is primed for a run to the postseason for three main reasons:

1. The Offensive Line – A big group of guys that looks to pave the way for the likes of Hunter Lepi, Jared Dalton, and Luke Lloyd.

2. The Schedule – Games against Meadowbrook, Claymont, Coshocton, River View, Marietta in the ECOL provide winable games with the potential for big playoff points (River View, Marietta).

3. The Region – With the OHSAA’s redraw of football regions, both Shadyside and Bridgeport, the two participants in Region 23’s Regional title game, have moved to Region 21.