Business Incubator Moves to Old Maysville Middle School

by Mark Bullion on August 30, 2011 at 5:33 am

Workers with the Muskingum County Business Incubator officially have a new home, the old Maysville Middle School. Click the video link on the left to watch WHIZ Reporter Mark Bullion’s full story.

What were once classrooms for students are now classrooms in the making for current and prospective business owners as workers scrambled to complete the newly renovated Muskingum County Business Incubator.

"We’re all very excited. It’s nice to know that we have plenty of space to be able to add more businesses in here, to be able to grow our economy, so it’s just a very exciting day for us," said Executive Director Carol Humphreys.

But the newly renovated facility is more than just a building to help businesses grow, it’s a 55,000 square foot green energy powerhouse featuring energy efficient lighting, heating, cooling, and a new roof.

"We’re trying to be an example for the businesses in our area to be able to understand what they might be able to do and change in their own existing buildings," said Humphreys.

Small Business Development Director Cindy Voorhies with Zane State College says the new facility is a major turning point for the Incubator, a turning point indicative of spawning new business as the economy makes a slow recovery.

"Through connections with Zane State, OU, The Incubator, SBDC, Muskingum, we have a lot of resources to be able to provide back to the individual whether their in business or thinking about starting a business or have an idea," said Voorheis.

While renovations are still being made at the site, they are open and ready for business.