Canal Days Celebrate Rich History of Coshocton

by Mark Bullion on August 22, 2011 at 10:23 am

The streets of Downtown Coshocton took a step back in time this weekend.

It marks the end of the Canal Days Festival. A time where residents can come together and reflect on the rich history behind Coshocton.

"It celebrates the Canal Era which is from 1810-1910. And the whole area is built on Roscoe Village and the canal that used to come through here through that time period," said Chairperson Jacque Wagner.

 One of the ways residents celebrated the Era was by bringing it’s history to life. Partakers dressed in costumes representing the different time periods throughout the Canal Days.

"We’ve got the early part of the Canal Era that will be best dressed overall from about 1840 up through Antebellum time and then they will do post Civil War from 1910," said Chairperson Amanda Meiser.

While turnout was slightly down this year, volunteers are hoping for a rebound next year.