Chopper Spots Marijuana Operation

by Danielle Cotterman on August 4, 2011 at 10:38 am

A marijuana growing operation was shut-down earlier Thursday evening in Zanesville.

"They were circling the house and I knew they was probably searching for marijuana," said Neighbor Edward Bickford. "Kept doing it , doing it and doing it."

Bickford was sitting on his porch early Thursday evening when the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office along side the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation spotted a marijuana growth at the 1620 Wheeling Avenue home in Zanesville.

One neighbor who did not wish to be identified said he had gone to school with the suspect. He said the man moved into the home with his mother shortly after her husband died.

"Just good citizens, good friends," said the unidentified neighbor.

According to Detective Sergeant Todd Kanavel with the Muskingum County Sheriffs Office more than 200 marijuana plants – a felony amount–were retrieved on the property. The plants were in all stages of growth, some harvested.

"He’s got a lot of friends and it’s a big family, so there’s a lot of coming and going all the time," said the unidentified neighbor.

"They’re here all the time," said Bickford. "It moves in and it moves out."

Authorities said a male suspect was being questioned but would not release his name. The case is currently under investigation and will be reviewed by the County Prosecutor before charges are filed.