County Home Proposal Deadline Pushed Back

by Kelly Choate on August 22, 2011 at 6:03 am

The search for a new superintendent for the Muskingum County Home might take a little longer than expected.

The county commissioners held a public hearing on Monday to discuss the future of the home.  Commissioner Jerry Lavy said the proposal deadline will move from August 31st to September 15th.

"There was a little bit of misunderstanding that it was just for managing the facility, but it’s also for taking it through the certification process," said Lavy.

Lavy said former superintendent Michael Moore’s resignation is effective September 15th.  Commissioner Jim Porter said the county is looking out for the home’s patients and employees.

"That’s been our concern all along, that the patients get the quality care they’ve always had, and in the request for proposals, we asked them to consider taking the employees with them," said Porter.

Porter said once the proposals are reviewed, the new superintendent will start as soon as possible.