Earthquake Shakes Zanesville

by Kelly Choate on August 24, 2011 at 10:08 am

The earthquake shook nerves close to home – Zanesville residents felt the tremors almost 400 miles away.

"The china hutch has glass doors, and they were completely rattling, and the house was just quivering," said Rea Huff.

Huff said she was sitting in her home on Eppley Avenue when she realized something was wrong.

"At first, I thought something hit the house, but it just kept going," said Huff.  "Then I remembered another earthquake that we had a few years back, and that was the same thing that happened before.  I called my neighbor, and she said her floor was shaking too."

Huff’s neighbor Evelyn Frame said she was cleaning the bathroom when she noticed the window blinds swaying back and forth.  Frame said she thought her furnace was broken until she talked to her neighbor.

"It seems like our weather has been so different from what I’m used to," said Frame.  "You’re just leery about what could happen."

Emergency Management Director Bo Keck said no damage or injuries have been reported in Zanesville, but people were taking precautions.

"Our calls were coming mainly from the county buildings in the downtown area," said Keck.  "Several of the buildings have been evacuated, basically a self-evacuation.  The people on the second and third floors felt some severe shaking and decided to get out of the building."

The earthquake was felt across Ohio.  Fans of the WHIZ facebook page shared their experiences from Newark to Coshocton to Cambridge.  Keck said the worst is probably over in our area.

"We could very well get several aftershocks that could be noticeable, but they don’t expect anything of any magnitude whatsoever," said Keck.