First Friday To Feature Tower Studios

by Danielle Cotterman on August 31, 2011 at 5:13 am

September is nearly here….this First Friday Art Walk will feature Tower Studios and Gallery.

The gallery is home to six artists. Each specializes in a different kind of work. Visual artist Linda Regula has been teaching art for 31 years and knows the company of others will feed creativity. Artist Marilyn Knell took her first art lesson with Regula at age 60 and said the motivation came shortly after she decided to paint the inside of her new home.

"I thought I could do this, I’d just throw paint around and I’d do abstract stuff and it didn’t work," said Knell. "So I found Linda. She was teaching at the Art Center and said she would teach me, so I’ve been with Linda for almost 6 years."

Wood Turner James Warren was also a student of Regulas. He began taking drawing classes to create original designs for his carvings. He now teaches at Mid-East and said wood carving will always be his creative outlet.

"When I’m working on the wood, it’s just what the wood tells me is there," said Warren. "I just start turning. What doesn’t want to be there breaks away. So that’s just what I end up with."

The majority of Tower Studio artists work full time. Pencil Artist Dan Theisen is an engineering technician. He has been drawing for nearly 50 years. He said the balance between a hobby he loves and the pressure of earning a living is difficult to maintain.

"Of course an artist doesn’t have to worry about, or doesn’t want to worry about getting paid for what they do," said Theisen. "You can never put a price on that."

Tower Studios and Gallery is located at 616 South Street in Downtown Zanesville.They will be open during the First Friday Art Walk and will feature food, dancing and door prizes.