Free Class at OUZ

by Kim Tewalt on August 10, 2011 at 6:08 am

Ohio University Zanesville is offering something that may make the price of college seem more affordable in this tough economy.

OU-Z is offering one free course this fall for those who have never attended the campus, and those who haven’t attended in the past three years.

The average cost of tuition at the Zanesville campus is around $4600 per year, which makes a four year degree approximately $24,000. Ohio University Zanesville representatives say this is truly helpful for people, because by taking advantage of the free course, the savings adds up to over $500.

"In this tough economy, it does cut back on the fear of trying something new." said Director of Student Services, Susan Montgomery. "(People say) "I’m not sure about this, it’s a lot of money, it’s a lot of cash" and with the free course you don’t have that, you just have to make arrangements to pay for your textbooks."

Montgomery says this is a great opportunity for those who have never attended college, or those who are looking to continue their education. She says there are no limits on what course you can take, or how many people can sign up, but there may be some prerequisites.

"If, for instance, you wanted to take a math course, you would need to score into that math course." she said. "If you are taking an upper level course you may need to take a lower level course to qualify for that one. But if there is no prerequisite we have not limited to just 5 courses, it is open to our entire fall schedule of classes. "

The course is only available to those who sign up at the temporary OUZ station at the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville. Representatives will be at the mall all week until Saturday, August 13th at 6 p.m.. Montgomery encourages anyone interested in the free course to stop by and ask for information.