Nichole Hannahs

Items for Sale at Starlight

by Nichole Hannahs on August 4, 2011 at 10:45 am

An assortment of items are for sale at Starlight School.

A two day yard sale began Thursday in an effort to raise money for the adult services program. Money raised will go towards supporting various activities for the developmental disabled adults.

"It allows them to participate in the community. It gives them an opportunity to get money by doing various jobs, packing and sorting and that sort of thing," said Larry Wheeler the director of adult services.

Recently the adult services at Starlight bought magazines subscriptions for the John McIntire Library in an effort to give back to a community that supports their efforts.

"They are part of this community. This is where they live. This is where they belong. It’s like you or I," explained Wheeler. "They like to be involved as part of the community."

Wheelers said there is no goal for the yard sale they just want to make some extra money to continue their work. The yard sale will be open Thursday until 2pm and will be open Friday from 9am-2pm.