It’s All About the Rides

by Kelly Choate on August 17, 2011 at 6:15 am

The Muskingum County Fair has a lot of rides to choose from, and inspectors are checking each one to make sure fairgoers stay safe.

Ride inspector Daniel Winland said ride operators are working up to 14 hours each day of the fair.  He said it’s important that the operators take their scheduled breaks throughout the day.

"It’s mostly important because of the heat, and you have to stay hydrated," said Winland.  "We make sure that they have time to cool off and get something to eat and drink."

Winland said the heat hasn’t stopped people from waiting about 45 minutes in line for rides.  13-year-old Brittany Bickford said the rides are her favorite part about the fair, and she would wait all day if she had to.

"I came to the fair because all of my friends come here," said Bickford.  "My favorite rides would have to be the super shot, musical express and the typhoon."

Winland said the best time to hop on a ride is after the midday rush.