Muskingum County Fair Set To Go

by Kelly Choate on August 12, 2011 at 7:34 am

Preparations are underway for the 165th annual Muskingum County Fair.

President of the Fair Board Darrel Cubbison has deep roots in these fairgrounds – he started showing chickens at age 7.  Cubbison said it’s amazing to see the set-up unfold.

"We can set up the things we have on hand now, and then we have some concessionaires come in from other fairs, and you won’t believe what happens Saturday night for us to be ready to go by Sunday morning," said Cubbison.

Cubbison said there’s something for everyone at the fair.  He said his favorite part is watching the children win awards.

"I’m just looking forward to that little girl or that little boy with a smile," said Cubbison.

The fair begins this Sunday at 7:30 AM with the Blue Ribbon Run.